Thursday, October 28

Top Five Reasons the Orignial Clash of the Titans is Better Than the Remake!

Clash of the Titans is one of the movies I remember seeing as a child and it stuck with me. I believe it sparked my interest in Greek mythology which I still love to this day. I recently saw the remake and although the special effects were better, I left the movie disappointed by the lack of story, the lack of heart. Here are my top five reasons you should see the original before viewing the remake.

5. More mythology- The original shares so much more of the real mythology within the movie. When you finish watching the first one you'll have a basic understanding about some of the more famous myths the Greeks told.

4. Calibos- A worthy opponent for the handsome Prince Perseus and a great actor. And what incredible makeup for 1981. Wow! I can't believe this movie was made almost thirty years ago?!! I'm getting old.

3. Harry Hamlin- He may not be as sexy as Sam Worthington, but he's a much better actor. I felt his passion to save Andromeda. He wasn't all brawn and muscle, he exhibited a heart worthy of his princess.

2. The Kraken- I'm sorry, but when I saw that sea monster come up from the frothy waves I was really afraid. Ok, I was 11, but still, it was moment of movie magic...CGI be damned!

1. The Love Story- In the remake, I didn't feel the love between Perseus and Andromeda. In the orignal, it's hard to miss. Andromeda, played by Judi Bowker is radiant in her gentleness and virginal love for her demi-god savior. I held my breath wondering if Perseus would reach her in time to destory the Kraken. I also loved how she didn't scream. Not when they led her up to her would be death, not when the monstrous sea creature erupted from the sea! Now that's something. Plus, the theme song is so majestic!

In conclusion, the orginal 1981 version of Clash of the Titans is a much better story with characters you can believe in and root for until the very end!



Monday, October 11

Top Five Reasons I Love Fall!

This is the time of year I always love when the year begins to wind down and most of us start looking forward to the holidays right around the corner. There's nothing like watching the leaves fall from the leaves like rain or hearing the sound of them crunching under feet.

I love the colors of this season! I love the wild mix of warm and cold days. This past weekend it was in the eighties! Today, it's going to hit just below eighty too, but then it's going to cool down. That's fine with me too. I've already pulled out my favorite hoodies and sweaters! Ok, I digress. Here's my top five reasons for loving fall:

5. Apple Cider - Mmm...I can't wait to have a warm mug of it tonight.
4. Honey Crisp Apples - seriously, if you haven't had one, you haven't had a really apple yet!
3. Decorating for fall/Halloween
2. Weather - usually moderate temps
1. Sharing the increasing excitement for the upcoming holidays with my kids!

I'm going to enjoy every day because I know snow is right around the corner. *sigh* I'm so not looking forward to that!