Thursday, August 27

Synopsis Anyone?

Everything that I've read or heard about writing a good synopsis is true. Trying to compress almost three hundred pages of material into a few pages is quite difficult. There's a lot of advice online on how to write a synopsis, but some of the things I've read seem unclear.

Like, how many pages it should be. Should it be single or double spaced? Should I open with a question or a funny hook? The more information I read about creating a stellar synopsis, the more confusing the process seemed. I know what the objective of the synopsis should be, but I still haven't quite gotten it down on the paper the way I want.

This is much harder than writing the actual book, but I'm going to keep at it until something jumps off the page that captures the life and essence of my novel.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 25

Staying Focused

A month ago, I was celebrating the fact that my first manuscript was finished...or so I thought. After rereading it for the third time and hearing feedback from a couple of trusted friends, I realized I wasn't yet done. My work needed more work. My story was lacking enough tension or drama to keep things popping.

I admit the feedback I got was great, but it made me feel a little discouraged. I was done! I wanted to be done, but I also wanted a really great story that the reader would enjoy.

I wanted to write a super positive story for young adults to enjoy, but I forgot that too much feel good reading leaves the reader bored. You need drama for good drama. I knew this, but somehow I still missed my mark. So, I went back through and rewrote several scenes and made the nemesis in my story a real stinker.

With thirty more pages added to the end of my book, I truly think I've created a story that will not only be positive, but has enough drama to keep the reader guessing up until the ending. I'm staring at my manuscript and trying to prepare my brain for rereading this story for the umpteenth time. This I hope will be the final run through.

The next phase is even more arduous...finding an agent or submitting on my own to the publisher. I'm still not sure which way to go. So many questions and it feels like I'm fumbling in the dark, but I have to believe that I will hit that ray of light that will push me through the door.