Tuesday, November 23

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, the holiday craze has officially begun! I've got my menu settled for Thanksgiving, but I still have to pick up a few items to complete my meal. Housework isn't done, but when is it ever?

This has been a challenging year in a lot of ways, so I'm glad to see the turkey day approaching which means Christmas and the New Year is right around the corner.
Come on 2011! I know, I know, let's just get through Thanksgiving. ;)

I can't let the holiday pass without giving thanks for my husband and children. Being a part of their lives has given me a joy I never expected. I'm thankful for my parents and other family and friends who share their lives with me. I'm thankful for food on the table and contracted stories!! And, I'm thankful for egg nog martinis. lol Seriously, they are sooooo good!

I've turned on my Pumpkin Pie pod warmer and now I'm enjoying the smell of this holiday dessert favorite filling my home! No wicks, no fuss, just pure indulgence! I truly hope this Thanksgiving find you healthy and happy!

Want your own Pumpkin Pie pod warmer for the holidays?


Thursday, November 11

Candlelight Romance!

I am officially a Gold Canyon® Independent Demonstrator!

I've always enjoyed candles. The flickering flames add ambiance to any room and I find them so relaxing. My favorite candles permeate the room with a fragrant aroma that evokes memories or inspire new ones. When my aunt introduced me to Gold Canyon I fell in love! Gold Canyon candles are incredible! There is a scent to go with every occasion, to set any mood or create one.

My auntie encouraged me to branch out with my own Gold Canyon business but I hesitated, uncertain I could make a go of it. If there is one thing this year has taught me is that anything can be possible if you're willing to try...no strive towards your own personal goals. I never would've imagined I would've sold stories to two publishers, but I have.

After pushing away from all doubts, I decided to go forward. The decision to start my own business with Gold Canyon was a go. I decided to name my business Candlelight Romance. Who doesn't love candles and romance? The two are a HUGE part of my life...the name is perfect!

When you believe in something it's easy to put your whole heart into it and that's how I feel about Gold Canyon. Their products are top of the line, The World's Finest®. These candles last and last, melt all the way down to the bottom with no black sooty residue. The wax burns cool and burns longer than any of the competition and I've tried them all. Haven't heard of Gold Canyon? Check out my website or contact me!