Tuesday, June 22

Summer Heat = Summer Storms!

You can't have summer heat without crazy thunderstorms. Last week, we had a couple and one in particular took out our power for a few hours. I actually enjoy watching thunderstorms from the safety of my window. There's something unexplainable that comes over me when I see trees swaying in the ferocious wind as lightening and rain pound the pavement and windows. I imagine scenes for the paranormal WIP's I'm working on and marvel at the awesome power of nature.

I'm always humbled during a black out by the immediate reminder of how dependent I am on electricity. I'm sure it's not just me, but most of the world. It takes moments like experiencing a black out to remember just how vulnerable we would be if we were without ANY power for a long period of time.

I'm addicted to my laptop, but I can always settle in with a good book. Still, I couldn't help thinking how far we've come in this technological age. Many of us would have to totally regroup in a world without DVR, blackberries, cell phones and oh, you get the idea.

I empathize when I see other countries in war or devastated by natural disasters. I marvel at the resilience of humankind in the face of such tragedies. How do we move towards the future without forgetting some of the critical survival techniques of yesterday year? Should we even worry about it? I never truly think about something happening so huge in America that could take away our power indefinitely, but when the lights went out last week, I thought it was a question each of us should consider.


Sunday, June 13

It's Unofficially Summer...

It actually felt like summer last week and of course as soon as the weekend hit...rain and 60 degree temps. I can't wait for more consistently warm days, but in all honesty I'm not crazy about summer time. I don't like the super hot humid days. When the humidity gets past 50 percent, I'm done with outdoor fun. Here in the Windy City it can get pretty sticky indeed.

Now, my son is done with preschool and I've got to plan things for him and my daughter to do to keep them from driving each other crazy and me. What's amazing to me is no matter how many fun things I plan as soon as we get back home or finish a project without fail about ten minutes later my son will come to me and say: "Mommy, I'm bored."

Oh, well, it'll be Autumn before you know it.


(photo courtesy of Duchessa)

Wednesday, June 2

New Contract, New Publisher!!

Over the weekend, I found out my work will be published with another publisher! I'm really excited and happy. This was just what I needed to refuel my heart and hunger to keep reaching for my dreams as a writer.

I wish I could say more, but this contract was for my pen name and I've decided to keep the two separate. I love having the freedom to pen what I want, but using a pen name is also challenging. Just last week, I accidentally posted something for my personal page on my alter ego page! I'm realizing more and more that it might be impossible to keep the two completely separate. Plus, I want to shout the news of my new publisher to everyone I know, but of course I won't . . . or at least, not yet!