Thursday, December 30

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

I really can't believe how fast this year flew by. Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and I've been thinking about what the highlights of the year have been for me. The first one has gotta be my daughter sleeping through the entire night. She just turned four and I wondered if she'd ever do it consistently for long stretches of time and at the beginning of this year it finally happened!

I wondered if I'd ever say goodbye to pull-ups with her. She wasn't interested in potty training until shew as two and half! The upside...she was potty trained in like a two week time period which was amazing to me. When she was ready to learn she mastered it very quickly. I was worried she'd passed some critical timeline on mastering the potty, but she was just on her own timeline. So, no more diapers, breast-feeding, pull-ups or inconsistent sleeping for me! Yay! What a milestone in mommyhood! 2010 has been the year I've finally gotten part of my life back.

I'm so happy to see my writing career growing. I've been writing feverishly this year and I'm proud to have published one novella, one novel and contracted two other novels for 2011 under my pen name. I wish I had more time to write, but I'm grateful to have the windows of time that were non-existent before this year.

2010 has shown me that the sky is limit to what I can do as long as I believe I can do it. The old sentiment "believe in yourself," isn't new, but I think each of us reaches a moment when it really, really, clicks.

2010 was a tough year for my family, but it also held a lot of lessons learned. The hard times showed me how much my husband and I laugh to get through the rough patches. This year has shown me that no matter what is going on in your world that sucks, someone else is having a harder time of it. I'll admit knowing that didn't help me from wallowing in self-pity, but I didn't wallow for very long.

So, I say goodbye to 2010 with a little sadness (my babies are no longer babies) and welcome 2011 with open arms. May the New Year bring us all many more smiles, love, peace and joy!



Tuesday, December 21

Flashback Interview With The Authors of Winter Kisses!

Almost a year ago to the day, I posted this interview with the authors of the
Winter Kisses Anthology
available now with Noble Romance Publishing. I enjoyed hearing the inspiration behind each story and decided why not share it again?
Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Today, Candlelight Romance welcomes the authors of Noble Romance's first sweet romance holiday anthology, Winter Kisses! I'm pleased to be joined by Barbara Sheridan, Dena Celeste, G.R. Bretz, Kelley Heckart!

This book marks the premiere of Noble Romance's Sweetheart Line and I'm thrilled to have all of the authors together for an exclusive group interview. We took a moment from the holiday grind to share a little about ourselves and our work within this festive anthology!

Angela: This is an diverse collection of holiday tales. What was the inspiration behind each of your stories?

Barbara: I worked in a very old department stores and more than once remembered joking with co-workers about "ghosts & gremlins" misplacing things, etc. And the writerly "what-if?" took it from there.

Dena: My inspiration was the feeling I get this time of year, when friends and family are gathered around and we eat good food together. The lighting of my menorah is also very special to me, and I get a warm feeling as I say the prayer and think of how my family has been doing this for generations.

Kelley: A Winter Solstice Kiss is inspired by my love of the pagan holidays. I started thinking about trying to get through this time of year after losing a husband, all of the memories attached to Christmas ornaments, etc. I decided to have my characters attend a Winter Solstice masquerade ball because I thought that would be cool for a pagan gathering. To add that faery tale element to my story, I made my hero work as a knight for Medieval Times.

G.R.: My story was inspired by dreams. Not any particular dream; just the wonder of how real and vivid dreams sometimes are.

Angela: A Christmas for Carol was inspired by the classic, A Christmas Carol. I've always been fascinated by the idea of someone from the other side coming back to reach a loved one whose lost their way. This is my debut sweet romance release and my first time being part of an anthology! I was excited to be a part of this project and I can't wait to read all of your stories!

Barbara: This is my first with NRP. It was fun. I love seeing how other authors take a central theme then go from there.

Angela: I agree. I think Winter Kisses has a little something in it for just about everyone! Dena, is this your first anthology?

Dena: This is, yes! I was very excited about the idea of writing a story to represent my faith as well as exercising my writing skills in a different direction. This is the first time I've written a sweet romance story with no erotic content.

Angela: There's something about the holidays that brings out the sweet romantic in the grumpest scrooge! What about you Kelly, first go for an anthology?

Kelley: No, I have another short story published in an anthology by Freya's Bower called In the Gloaming: An Anthology of Faerie Stories. This anthology is based on actual faery lore, from the nice to the most frightening with different heat levels. My story is called The Enchanted Meadow--
Warriors from the Raven clan are sent to guard the king's cattle. They are unprepared for the strange, otherworldly happenings in the new winter grazing land, including nocturnal visits by a beautiful lass. Only their leader, Taran, can save them—if he remembers how.

Angela: Wow! The Enchanted Meadow sounds like a great read too! Glenn, how about you?

G.R.: This is my second anthology. I had a short story, Gunmetal Blue, that was in Noble Romance's western anthology, Cocked and Fully Loaded.

Angela: When I first heard about the submission call for a sweet romantic holiday story, I wasn't exactly sure what my story was going to be about. It took a few days to hear my muse clearly and then . . . whammo! I was typing furiously to get the story completed. How about you guys?

Barbara: This one came together fairly easily.

Dena: This story came surprisingly easily to me. I made up an outline, and other than a few surprises that my characters gave me, pretty well stuck to it. My muse helped keep that ball rolling.

Kelley: Strangely, both of these short stories came easily to me--it was kind of magical.

G.R.: This story came easier than anything I've ever written.

Angela: I think readers will enjoy A Christmas for Carol because it's a story about forgiveness, second chances and loving again after heartbreak! Who can't relate to that? Tell me what you think will draw readers into your stories.

Barbara: Christmas Rush is a fun, romantic read with some paranormal spice.

Dena: I think that I brought the family feel of the season, as well as a simmering sensuality between Abigail and Joshua that will definitely keep the readers warm! I was surprised at how easy it was to bring that sensual edge into a sweet story, but it worked and I really enjoyed writing it!

Kelley: I think A Winter Solstice Kiss is a story of loss, but also of new beginnings--that this time of year is for reflection and hope for the new season, and new love.

G.R.: I think readers will enjoy the surreal tone of the story. It leaves room for individual interpretation. It might be an HEA. It might be a tragedy. It depends on what you take from the story.

Angela: Ok, switching gears! Do you all have a favorite holiday song? Mine would have to be The Christmas Song sung by Nat King Cole.

Barbara: "Linus & Lucy Theme" from the Charlie Brown Christmas special and Carol of the Bells!

Dena: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer! And the Dreidel song! I actually
reworked that song in a drama class I took one year called the
Dreidel's Revenge, LOL, so I am particularly fond of it.

Kelley: Believe it or not, O' Holy Night. I'm not a Christian so it is a strange choice for me, but I love the part, 'Fall on your knees, Oh, hear the angel voices.' It's so ethereal. I love those kind of melodies. I do have some Celtic Christmas songs that are not traditional Christmas songs that I love too.

G.R.: Silent Night. I'm not a religious person, but that song is so beautiful.

Angela: Christmas pie or cookies? I'm a sweet potatoe or pumpkin pie girl!

Barbara: Cookies. I love small ladylocks with buttery cream filling.

Dena: *grins* Well, if someone's going to offer me cookies...I won't refuse! But my favorite food is the potato latke. Chanukah is all about the oil, so potato pancakes with cinnamon sugar sprinkled on them are one of my favorite things to eat.

Angela: Oooo, yummy! How about you Kelley?

Kelley: I like anything chocolate. My husband made these peanut butter brownies with chocolate frosting. That was good.

G.R.: I'm a big fan of anything sweet and tasty.

Angela: All of those treats sound delicious! The New Year is right around the corner. What projects are you all working on?

Barbara: I've been wanting to do a story featuring the son of Inspector Nabeshima from my earlier NRP erotic releases. And there are a couple other ideas nagging at me.

Dena: I'm working on two paranormal stories, tentatively titled Lady of the Pack and The Serpent's Daughter. I'm hoping to get Lady finished up in the next few months and then focus again on Serpent. I'm very excited about both of them and hope the muse is with me!

Kelley: I am working on edits for Beltaine's Song, the second book in my Dark Goddess trilogy due out in early 2010. It is a Celtic historical romance/fantasy set in Dark Age Scotland. The trilogy revolves around an ancient Greek vampire, an Irish clan, two curses and a vengeful dark goddess.

G.R.: I just finished the final draft on a fantasy/erotic romance named Trill Song. It will be released by Noble Romance sometime next year.

Angela: I'm currently working on another sweet romance for Valentine's Day and I've got a hot paranormal novel just about completed. Let's hope 2010 brings all of us more time to write and busy muses! We're just about done here, but I can't let you go without asking if you prefer winter or summer kisses?

Barbara: It's been so long I don't remember :P

Dena: Winter kisses! I love it when it's cold and I can get toasty warm from a sizzling kiss.

Kelley: I prefer winter kisses. I love snuggling and kissing in the cold winter to warm up. There is nothing better.

G.R.: Definitely summer. I moved to south Florida to get away from the winter.

Angela: Winter kisses for me hands down! I want to thank each of you for coming on today! May your holidays be sweet and peaceful!

Here's where to find out more about today's guest authors:

Barbara: My website is
And I've been known to lurk about Twitter as BarbaraSheridan and LiveJournal as B_Sheridan

Dena: Well, you can visit me on my website or
find me under the username denaceleste on Twitter, Facebook and

Kelley: I am all over the web. My website is
I am also on Facebook, myspace, twitter and goodreads. These links can be found on my website, I believe on my home page and/or my Links page.

G.R.: I don't have a website yet. Setting up one will be one of my New Year's Resolutions.

Angela: Find out more about me at!

Get your copy of Winter Kisses here!

Winter Kisses Blurbs:

Winter Solstice Kiss by Kelley Heckart:

When Brianna decides to attend the Winter solstice masquerade ball, she never thought she would end up kissing a handsome knight beneath the mistletoe, but they part without exchanging names and phone numbers. How will they find each other again?

A Christmas for Carol by Angela Nichelle:

Imagine losing the love of your life right before Christmas. It's a nightmare Carol Christine Moore had to face two years ago. Unable to cope with the pain of losing her fiancé so unexpectedly, Carol closes off her heart entirely. She puts all of her time and energy into making the coffee shop she owns with her best friend a success. Consumed with customers and the daily grind, Carol has convinced herself that she doesn't need anything or anyone else in her life.

But all that changes the day Grant walks into the Cafe Bean.

Love in the Lights by Dena Celeste:

Abigail Bloch has been away at school for the last few years. Returning to her mother’s home renews her interest and need for the Jewish traditions. Unfortunately, the man who had been her best friend growing up, Joshua Cohen, gives her a chilly reception. Over the course of Chanukah, a time filled with food and family and friendship, the growing number of flames must melt away the hostility and illuminate the love that can grow between them.

A Schrödinger Christmas – Holly by G. R. Bretz:

She’s the girl who lives in his dreams, but she’s so much more than that. She’s the girl he was supposed to meet, twice. She’s the path he didn’t take, twice. That was forty years ago and you just can’t go back, except in dreams.

But it’s Christmas day. Miracles have been known to happen. Who knows? The third time just might be the charm.

Christmas Rush by Barbara Sheridan:

Ellie Bouchard died just after formulating a plan to see that her only child Remy would be reunited with the one person he was too stubborn to acknowledge as “The One”.

Determined to see her plan through, Ellie will do whatever it takes—including heavenly blackmail and a few sneaky tricks—to see her son reunited with his childhood companion, Michael Carson.

Thursday, December 16

It's My Birthday!

Today's my birthday! I'm so thankful for seeing another year. I'm thankful for my family, friends and so many other little things I never want to take for granted.

Like my health. I'm laying on the couch as I write this with a cold that has me feeling icky. I've got a crazy cough that will not stop! Not the best way to celebrate a birthday, but I'm still going to celebrate with a glass of Theraflu and a nice long nap! lol

I can't believe my age, but my body likes to remind that I'm not the spring chicken I once was. Still, I'm so thankful for my knee that squeaks and the last ten or twenty pounds I've been trying to get off since Kai was born. 

She also just celebrated her fourth birthday! Her due date was my actual birthday, but I had her on the 8th. I will never forget being in the hospital with her when she was born and I'm looking forward to celebrating our birthdays together when she is much older.

Christmas is only nine days away! I'm excited for my kids and looking forward to wrapping presents and indulging in good food, laughs and of course drinks! My only prayer is that everyone would experience the same joy and happiness I'm truly grateful for!


Wednesday, December 1

Take A Deep Breath!

I don't know about you but I'm glad Turkey day is over! I enjoyed the time with my family, but I'm exhausted. I wasn't 100% happy with my Thanksgiving dinner which is a drag, but at least no one walked away from the table hungry. I can say my no-bake cheesecake was wonderful! Too bad it's all gone. I might have to make it again for Christmas.

The first snow flurries of the season fell today along with the temperature. Ole man winter is already unpacking his things, preparing to stay awhile. Brrr!!! I don't like a lot of snow, but I love it when it first falls. It looks so beautiful on the trees and fluttering in the breeze like a shaken snow globe.

I'm looking forward to putting up the Christmas tree. The kids are so excited and their excitement has reinvigorated the festive wonderment that can only be experienced as a child and appreciated as an adult. We're getting a real tree this year. I haven't had one since I was a child. I don't like the idea of using a tree only for a holiday, but the place we're getting it from only sells trees that have been replaced with a new little tree to grow in its place. That makes me feel a little better.

Plus, there's nothing like the smell of a freshly cut tree and I can't wait! By the end of this upcoming weekend, our home will be decked out for Christmas!


Tuesday, November 23

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, the holiday craze has officially begun! I've got my menu settled for Thanksgiving, but I still have to pick up a few items to complete my meal. Housework isn't done, but when is it ever?

This has been a challenging year in a lot of ways, so I'm glad to see the turkey day approaching which means Christmas and the New Year is right around the corner.
Come on 2011! I know, I know, let's just get through Thanksgiving. ;)

I can't let the holiday pass without giving thanks for my husband and children. Being a part of their lives has given me a joy I never expected. I'm thankful for my parents and other family and friends who share their lives with me. I'm thankful for food on the table and contracted stories!! And, I'm thankful for egg nog martinis. lol Seriously, they are sooooo good!

I've turned on my Pumpkin Pie pod warmer and now I'm enjoying the smell of this holiday dessert favorite filling my home! No wicks, no fuss, just pure indulgence! I truly hope this Thanksgiving find you healthy and happy!

Want your own Pumpkin Pie pod warmer for the holidays?


Thursday, November 11

Candlelight Romance!

I am officially a Gold Canyon® Independent Demonstrator!

I've always enjoyed candles. The flickering flames add ambiance to any room and I find them so relaxing. My favorite candles permeate the room with a fragrant aroma that evokes memories or inspire new ones. When my aunt introduced me to Gold Canyon I fell in love! Gold Canyon candles are incredible! There is a scent to go with every occasion, to set any mood or create one.

My auntie encouraged me to branch out with my own Gold Canyon business but I hesitated, uncertain I could make a go of it. If there is one thing this year has taught me is that anything can be possible if you're willing to strive towards your own personal goals. I never would've imagined I would've sold stories to two publishers, but I have.

After pushing away from all doubts, I decided to go forward. The decision to start my own business with Gold Canyon was a go. I decided to name my business Candlelight Romance. Who doesn't love candles and romance? The two are a HUGE part of my life...the name is perfect!

When you believe in something it's easy to put your whole heart into it and that's how I feel about Gold Canyon. Their products are top of the line, The World's Finest®. These candles last and last, melt all the way down to the bottom with no black sooty residue. The wax burns cool and burns longer than any of the competition and I've tried them all. Haven't heard of Gold Canyon? Check out my website or contact me!

Thursday, October 28

Top Five Reasons the Orignial Clash of the Titans is Better Than the Remake!

Clash of the Titans is one of the movies I remember seeing as a child and it stuck with me. I believe it sparked my interest in Greek mythology which I still love to this day. I recently saw the remake and although the special effects were better, I left the movie disappointed by the lack of story, the lack of heart. Here are my top five reasons you should see the original before viewing the remake.

5. More mythology- The original shares so much more of the real mythology within the movie. When you finish watching the first one you'll have a basic understanding about some of the more famous myths the Greeks told.

4. Calibos- A worthy opponent for the handsome Prince Perseus and a great actor. And what incredible makeup for 1981. Wow! I can't believe this movie was made almost thirty years ago?!! I'm getting old.

3. Harry Hamlin- He may not be as sexy as Sam Worthington, but he's a much better actor. I felt his passion to save Andromeda. He wasn't all brawn and muscle, he exhibited a heart worthy of his princess.

2. The Kraken- I'm sorry, but when I saw that sea monster come up from the frothy waves I was really afraid. Ok, I was 11, but still, it was moment of movie magic...CGI be damned!

1. The Love Story- In the remake, I didn't feel the love between Perseus and Andromeda. In the orignal, it's hard to miss. Andromeda, played by Judi Bowker is radiant in her gentleness and virginal love for her demi-god savior. I held my breath wondering if Perseus would reach her in time to destory the Kraken. I also loved how she didn't scream. Not when they led her up to her would be death, not when the monstrous sea creature erupted from the sea! Now that's something. Plus, the theme song is so majestic!

In conclusion, the orginal 1981 version of Clash of the Titans is a much better story with characters you can believe in and root for until the very end!



Monday, October 11

Top Five Reasons I Love Fall!

This is the time of year I always love when the year begins to wind down and most of us start looking forward to the holidays right around the corner. There's nothing like watching the leaves fall from the leaves like rain or hearing the sound of them crunching under feet.

I love the colors of this season! I love the wild mix of warm and cold days. This past weekend it was in the eighties! Today, it's going to hit just below eighty too, but then it's going to cool down. That's fine with me too. I've already pulled out my favorite hoodies and sweaters! Ok, I digress. Here's my top five reasons for loving fall:

5. Apple Cider - Mmm...I can't wait to have a warm mug of it tonight.
4. Honey Crisp Apples - seriously, if you haven't had one, you haven't had a really apple yet!
3. Decorating for fall/Halloween
2. Weather - usually moderate temps
1. Sharing the increasing excitement for the upcoming holidays with my kids!

I'm going to enjoy every day because I know snow is right around the corner. *sigh* I'm so not looking forward to that!


Monday, September 27

Take the Target Pledge!

photo by bizior
Reading has always been a great escape for me. I remember going to the library as a child and being so excited about picking out new books. I loved Sweet Valley High, Nancy Drew and many more. When you read to a child you spark their imagination! I believe every child should be exposed to the wonderful world of reading.

Target has pledged to donate a book for every adult who pledges to read 15 minutes a day to a child in their lives, giving me one more reason to love this store!
Take the Target pledge with me!
Find out how here:


Wednesday, September 22

A Call to A.R.M.S.

The structure of the African American family is in crisis. Over seventy-two percent of our children are growing up in single parent homes. More than half of our children grow up without the nurturing and guidance of a father. Sadly, this growing epidemic of broken homes, unwed pregnancies and non-existent fathers is expected and accepted as the norm.

We can no longer sit back and continue to watch the crumbling foundation of the family unit which has affected every aspect of our community. We must sound a battle cry; a call to A.R.M.S., if we intend to save what should be most dear: Our families.

The first step to working on this multi-layered problem is to admit a problem exists within the African American community because of the structural collapse of our families. The psychological, emotional, and financial benefits of children raised within a stable loving two parent home environment have been well documented. This is not a slam against single parenting. So many single parents work hard to raise and provide for their children, but kids benefit from having both mom and dad in the home.

Loving committed parents serve as positive role models for our children. How can we expect our young boys to grow up, respect, honor, love and marry a woman when so many have never witnessed such behavior themselves? How can we expect our sons to respect and revere the responsibility of supporting his family when all he sees is a mother who works?

How can we expect our young girls to grow up, respect, honor, and love themselves and accept nothing less from a man when so many have witnessed their mother's doing whatever it takes and accepting any behavior a man doles out? How can we expect our daughters to understand the partnership of a loving relationship or marriage without one modeled?

Way too many of our youth do not appreciate or recognize healthy loving relationships, let alone marriages. Sadly, sex and intimacy in today's generation does not require either one. Somehow, we've got to restore the sanctity of sex and the purpose and respect of relationships/marriage. No small feat, I realize and I don't have a perfect solution.

I do believe modeling healthy behaviors and relationships is the most effective way to impact our youth whether you are single, married or divorced.

Although the statistics are bleak, there are many strong, healthy, loving African American families in America. There are even more individuals wanting to see a change from the growing trend of broken homes. All of us dedicated to stopping this crisis must be willing to speak out against unwed pregnancies and fathers abandoning their children. We must make it our duty to educate, mentor and support the young people in our lives whether they are family or not.

There are no easy answers to quickly solve this gaping wound bleeding the lifeblood from our community. We must stop pointing fingers, assigning blame and passing judgment and admit a great majority of our children are at a disadvantage emotionally and financially as a result of unwed pregnancies and absent fathers. We must work to restore the sacredness of sex within a loving, committed healthy marriage and model these behaviors for our youth.

Some say salvaging the African American family is hopeless, but we are a people capable of holding onto hope in the darkest of times. Our history has proven when we lift our voices together we can affect change. Now is the time to sound the battle cry, a call to arms to save the crumbling foundation of our culture.

~Angela Nichelle Bradley

Saturday, September 18

No Wedding No Womb Launch Campaign PSA

Founded by Christelyn Karazin, No Wedding, No Womb is a new initiative that will be used to help empower African American women to take responsibility for their bodies and say no to unwanted pregnancies through education and awareness. Broken homes contributes to many social epidemics including domestic violence. The campaign will help address many social issues, particularly in the African American community. The campaign launches September 22, 2010 with the support of approximately 100 bloggers across the internet.

I'm excited and honored to be one of the 100 bloggers taking part in this online movement to speak out about this crisis affecting African American children. Look for my written contribution on September 22nd!

~Angela Nichelle

Tuesday, August 31


August is just about over and I really don't know where the summer went, but it's disappearing fast. Autumn is my favorite time of year though, so I'm looking forward to the heat wave coming to an end. I'm sure that's still a few weeks off, but I've already seen some yellow-hued leaves on the trees. There's so much going on with both of my kids heading off to school, I'm dragging behind in everything it seems. I know things will settle into a comfortable pattern in a few weeks. I've just gotta keep my sanity until then. Wish me luck!


Sunday, August 22

Friends in Cyberspace!

(photo by clix)
I'm a bit of a loner. I think a lot of writers are, but as an author I force myself to reach out. To make contacts and maintain a visible profile on various social media outlets. I used to fret about what to say or share, until I realized every single post or tweet doesn't have to be profound. It just has to be me. Simple right?

Well, it has gotten easier and now I appreciate networking. I'm actually GLAD to be a part of internet social circles. When I first joined these sites, I never expected to make new friends. I may never meet some of them face to face...hell, I may not ever SEE their face, but that doesn't matter. 

Call me crazy, but I'm thankful for my internet buds that have encouraged me, offered suggestions on my WIP's and listened to my frustrations as a writer. I hope I've been as helpful to them as they've been to me.

You guys know who you are, thank you!


Friday, August 6

I'm Hooked on my Nook!

I'm an avid reader. I simply adore reading books. Love stories, horror, thriller, fantasy, paranormal, sci-fi, chick-lit...OK, you get the idea. I love holding paperback books in my hand, touching the glossy cover, flipping through the pages as slip into my latest literary escape. So, I'll admit I was a little skeptical on just HOW much I would enjoy using an e-reader. I questioned whether I really needed to buy one. I told myself, I didn't really need one, but I still wanted one.

As an author of e-books, I decided I had to at least be aware of the technology I'm expecting my readers to use to enjoy my stories. So, I researched them all. My husband was convinced I should get the Ipad.

What a beautiful device. So many apps and endless possibilities, but I didn't want a multitude of apps or possibilities. I simply wanted the very best e-reader for my needs...or wants.

The Ipad e-reader display was just like reading on my computer. Definitely, not what I wanted since I stare at the computer screen all night. Although, beautiful and useful to many around the world, the Ipad was not for me.

On to the Kindle and Nook. Both devices have e-ink. I liked the Kindle display, but when I held the Nook in my hands, I fell in love. The colored screen at the bottom, the ease of use and beautiful design won me over. I was in the middle of reading a paperback book when my husband surprised me with my Nook for our anniversary and I haven't been back.

I've already read over 5 e-books that I've been planning to get to on my computer whenever I had a free moment from writing. A free moment to do nothing, but simply read. Those rare moments hardly happened and now I'm so excited to have a device that is easy and fun to use. The screen is so clear it's like reading a book. Except this e-reader can bookmark, enlarge font and remember the spot I last stop reading automatically!

I believe e-books are going to continue to explode in the marketplace and with readers around the world. If you haven't looked at e-reader, you should. I'm not sure I'll ever buy a paperback book again. I'm saving trees and discovering new and old authors all over again.


Sunday, August 1

From the Beginning to The End...

"The End," there's nothing like writing those two words at the end of a story. After months of writing, plotting, editing and re-editing a WIP, it's such a relief to finally be done. And yet, I always feel a little lost after I've submitted the work. It's hard letting go of the characters that have consumed your world for so many months. I've taken almost a week off from writing and now I'm ready to start my next story. I'm looking forward to immersing myself in my current project. I need the creative distraction as I await word from the publisher!

Now, I just have to decide which story to tell. I've got several tempting ideas. I think I'll let the characters in my head duke it out. The loudest heroine's voice wins! I will set up a very brief plot outline and dig in. I love the slight uncertainty of how the book will shift and change as the story unfolds while I write. Most of all I just love being creative. I'm so happy I've found another way to express myself and my passion for, well, passion, love and romance!


(photo courtesy of
Kriss Szkurlatowski)

Thursday, July 22

Love Unrealized by Angela Nichelle Bradley

photo by Nyuszika
When you look at me
I want you to see
the beautiful woman
you once had

The woman who gave you
all she had to offer of herself
and more

So much more

When you look at me
I want you to see the body
you held in your embrace

An embrace that forever changed my world

When you look at me I want you to see the tears

Hiding behind my eyelids

The tears are for me and my pain but they should be for you

You lost my love without realizing you were loved

Open your eyes,

See me -

See me walk away from you


~Dedicated to a very special friend~

Tuesday, July 6

Christmas in July!

I can't believe how fast this year is flying by! We're half way through 2010! What a year it has been for me as a mom, wife and writer! I still can't believe my son will be going to Kindergarten in the fall and my daughter will head off to preschool. My babes are growing up fast!

July is a special month! I'm looking forward to celebrating my sixth wedding anniversary with my husband on the 11th! I love him more now than I did when we first married. I think the love grows stronger and deeper as the years past. All of our experiences together whether good or challenging have tempered the love between us. My husband is truly my champion when it comes to my writing and I can't express how much that means to me.

I thought I'd celebrate Christmas in July with an excerpt from my holiday story, A Christmas for Carol which can be found in Noble Romance's Winter Kisses Anthology. This sweet short story flowed like magic when I was writing it and I think it captures the essence of the holiday season. Enjoy!

"This is for you.”

Carol stared at the beautifully wrapped gift with surprise. “Grant . . . .”

"Just open it.” He flipped on the overhead light.

Her heart hammered as she yanked off the red ribbon and lifted the box top to reveal an exquisite gold chain with a delicate charm. The little coffee cup sparkled with tiny diamonds. “It's beautiful!” Carol gasped. “I can't believe you got me a gift. Thank you. I love it!” On impulse she leaned over to give him a quick peck on the cheek, but Grant pulled her in closer. He tasted like cinnamon as he deepened the kiss, brushing his lips slowly across hers. Pulling off her hat, he laced his fingers through her hair, holding her in place as he teased and tasted every inch of her mouth.

Carol whimpered, overwhelmed by her need for him. Desire ignited and raged through her body as he caressed her tongue with deliciously deliberate strokes. She raised her hand to touch his beard, loving the way the short hairs tickled her fingers. Her craving for him was undeniable. She wanted to let go and give herself over to the feelings rushing through her as he massaged her scalp.

Maybe it was time to let go. Maybe it was time to let her heart feel something other than pain and guilt.

He pulled away, leaving her lips throbbing and tingling. Neither of them spoke for a few seconds, the hum of the heater the only sound in the truck.

Grant stared out the window at the snow falling more heavily on the windshield. “There's something between us, Carol. Something I've never felt before with any woman and I know you feel it, too."

Carol loosened her scarf, still frazzled from his kiss and her own chaotic emotions.

“I know we’ve only been on one date—“

“Three.” Carol corrected him, blushing when she saw the triumphant look on his face.

“I know. I was just checking to see if you were counting our lunch dates. I feel like I already know so much about you and I still want to spend more time with you.”

Carol shook her head. “We hardly know each other.”

Grant looked at her. “That's not true. I know you're a morning person. I know you like cream and sugar in your coffee. I know you like to wear the color yellow. I know you don't like to wear a lot of make-up. I know you obsess over tiny details at your job. I know you like to laugh. I know holiday music makes you crazy.”

Carol looked at him in shock until she couldn't see him because of the tears in her eyes again. “Stop. Stop!”

Grant grabbed her hand. “I can't, because I want to know more. I know you've been through something tragic and life changing. I understand that, but I have to know if I even have a chance with you.”

Carol wiped her tears. “Grant . . . .” She wanted to admit there was something between them. She'd felt it the first day he walked into her café all those months ago.

Grant lifted her chin, forcing her to meet his eyes. “Don't think this is just about the smokin' sexual chemistry we have, because I want more than just your naked body under mine. I want a chance at your heart.”

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Thursday, July 1

Music to the Rescue!

This has been a crazy day and when things get crazy, I turn to music to change my mood or at least calm me down.

These are my top five song choices in no particular order for mellowing out:

I LOVE this song. It helps keep everything in perspective.

So joyful and full of hope. I listen to this song and remember things aren't half crazy as they seem.

I can listen to this song over and over. I love when the audience joins in with her.

You can't listen to this without tapping your foot or shaking your bum.

Having a bad hair day or worse? Make this song your mantra and you'll feel "Cold-Blooded". *G*

I could post a hundred songs on here, but I'm going to keep it short and sweet as I turn up the volume and soak in the good vibes.