Thursday, February 17

Spring is Coming!

I know it's only middle of February, but today it got up to almost 60 degrees! Do you have any idea how warm that is compared to the frigid temps we've had here in the Windy City? I've got Spring Fever bad. I can't wait to drop the boots in the back of the closet and don a lighter coat. Autumn is my favorite season, but Spring is a very close second.

I love seeing the stark barren look of winter melt away as Mother Nature awakens once more, turning the Earth green. The colors of spring truly renew one's spirit and I for one can't wait for pleasant weather, sunny days and beautiful butterflies. ;-)


Saturday, February 12

To My Valentine...

I love you more now than when we first met.

How could we have know what challenges we would face?

The hardships we'd endure...

We've faced them together and I love you for that and for so much more but especially for always making me laugh.

I love you for supporting my dreams...
for encouraging me to spread my wings and fly.

I love you for listening...
for caring and sharing your heart.

You are my Valentine on this special day...
every day
I love you...