Tuesday, May 31

Summer Temps & Summer Colds!

Whew! The long weekend is over and although we had some serious rain, it ended up being a really warm and sunny Memorial Day. It was actually warmer than I like, but after all the cool temps we've been having, I was so happy to see the sun!

There's nothing like relaxing in the shade with the wind ruffling your hair and clothes. I was so thankful for the time spent with my family this weekend and mindful of families who've lost loved ones in the service.

Every day and each moment we get to spend with our loved ones is a gift!

I wonder what it is about this time of year that causes those summer colds. I'm looking forward to a nice long sniffle-free stretch, but for now, I'm keeping the Kleenex handy!


Saturday, May 28

Red, White & Blue...

I salute the brave men and women who serve our country 
and their families this Memorial Day. 
A special shout out to my cousin serving over seas! I'm proud of you!

Tuesday, May 17

Ahhhhh! Summer Break Is Almost Here!!

Summer break is almost here! Although, it hardly felt like it today with temps in the fifties. Brrr!! Still, we're approaching the middle of May and there are only so many weeks left of school. Where did the school year go?? How will I ever survive both of my kids in my hair full-time all summer long? Will I have time to write a single word during the day?

*Hyperventilating* (Taking a few deep breaths...)

I can do this...I have done this. I've just gotta plan activities and keep 'em busy. There's the library, the zoo, the park, the movies...arts and crafts, music lessons and playdates. It'll be fine. The summer will fly by just as fast as the school year did...right?

Right. And in the meantime, I've gotta cherish each and every one of those days leading back to school in August...my babies are growing up fast!


Tuesday, May 3

Bigger Dreams...

I just finished watching President Obama and his wife, Michelle on Oprah. No matter what you think about his policies or how he's handling the job of presidency, there's no denying his commitment to this country or his family.
How wonderful it is to see the President with his wife. The two of them obviously connected by their love and commitment to one another. When they look at one another you can feel the undercurrents of love. You can't fake that kind of stuff..well, I guess you can, but it doesn't usually come across as genuine. These two seem to have the real deal relationship.

I appreciated Michelle's candor about how tough marriage came be. I can't imagine the stress of being the first family heaped on top of all the day to day rigors a husband and wife face. Both of them are so devoted to their children. As a parent, I admire them both. I'm thankful for two extraordinary role models for my children and for our youth all over America.

Michelle mentioned she's so proud her husband becoming president has been and will be instrumental in getting little boys and girls of color all over the world to believe anything truly is possible in this country. Indeed, young children like my own will never know anything else. Their dreams will be bigger because another barrier was shattered when Barack Obama became president.

When a child hears, but also sees any dream is possible with hard work and perseverance the possibilities for their future are brighter, bigger...endless!