Tuesday, August 31


August is just about over and I really don't know where the summer went, but it's disappearing fast. Autumn is my favorite time of year though, so I'm looking forward to the heat wave coming to an end. I'm sure that's still a few weeks off, but I've already seen some yellow-hued leaves on the trees. There's so much going on with both of my kids heading off to school, I'm dragging behind in everything it seems. I know things will settle into a comfortable pattern in a few weeks. I've just gotta keep my sanity until then. Wish me luck!


Sunday, August 22

Friends in Cyberspace!

(photo by clix)
I'm a bit of a loner. I think a lot of writers are, but as an author I force myself to reach out. To make contacts and maintain a visible profile on various social media outlets. I used to fret about what to say or share, until I realized every single post or tweet doesn't have to be profound. It just has to be me. Simple right?

Well, it has gotten easier and now I appreciate networking. I'm actually GLAD to be a part of internet social circles. When I first joined these sites, I never expected to make new friends. I may never meet some of them face to face...hell, I may not ever SEE their face, but that doesn't matter. 

Call me crazy, but I'm thankful for my internet buds that have encouraged me, offered suggestions on my WIP's and listened to my frustrations as a writer. I hope I've been as helpful to them as they've been to me.

You guys know who you are, thank you!


Friday, August 6

I'm Hooked on my Nook!

I'm an avid reader. I simply adore reading books. Love stories, horror, thriller, fantasy, paranormal, sci-fi, chick-lit...OK, you get the idea. I love holding paperback books in my hand, touching the glossy cover, flipping through the pages as slip into my latest literary escape. So, I'll admit I was a little skeptical on just HOW much I would enjoy using an e-reader. I questioned whether I really needed to buy one. I told myself, I didn't really need one, but I still wanted one.

As an author of e-books, I decided I had to at least be aware of the technology I'm expecting my readers to use to enjoy my stories. So, I researched them all. My husband was convinced I should get the Ipad.

What a beautiful device. So many apps and endless possibilities, but I didn't want a multitude of apps or possibilities. I simply wanted the very best e-reader for my needs...or wants.

The Ipad e-reader display was just like reading on my computer. Definitely, not what I wanted since I stare at the computer screen all night. Although, beautiful and useful to many around the world, the Ipad was not for me.

On to the Kindle and Nook. Both devices have e-ink. I liked the Kindle display, but when I held the Nook in my hands, I fell in love. The colored screen at the bottom, the ease of use and beautiful design won me over. I was in the middle of reading a paperback book when my husband surprised me with my Nook for our anniversary and I haven't been back.

I've already read over 5 e-books that I've been planning to get to on my computer whenever I had a free moment from writing. A free moment to do nothing, but simply read. Those rare moments hardly happened and now I'm so excited to have a device that is easy and fun to use. The screen is so clear it's like reading a book. Except this e-reader can bookmark, enlarge font and remember the spot I last stop reading automatically!

I believe e-books are going to continue to explode in the marketplace and with readers around the world. If you haven't looked at e-reader, you should. I'm not sure I'll ever buy a paperback book again. I'm saving trees and discovering new and old authors all over again.


Sunday, August 1

From the Beginning to The End...

"The End," there's nothing like writing those two words at the end of a story. After months of writing, plotting, editing and re-editing a WIP, it's such a relief to finally be done. And yet, I always feel a little lost after I've submitted the work. It's hard letting go of the characters that have consumed your world for so many months. I've taken almost a week off from writing and now I'm ready to start my next story. I'm looking forward to immersing myself in my current project. I need the creative distraction as I await word from the publisher!

Now, I just have to decide which story to tell. I've got several tempting ideas. I think I'll let the characters in my head duke it out. The loudest heroine's voice wins! I will set up a very brief plot outline and dig in. I love the slight uncertainty of how the book will shift and change as the story unfolds while I write. Most of all I just love being creative. I'm so happy I've found another way to express myself and my passion for, well, passion, love and romance!


(photo courtesy of
Kriss Szkurlatowski)