Tuesday, March 29

Three New Fabulous Children Programs!

We all know television isn't good for kids all the time, but I haven't met a parent yet who hasn't allowed their children some time in front of the tube. I don't think television is harmful to kids as long as they aren't sitting in front of it all day and watching shows like CSI or something just as inappropriate.

There are so many quality choices for children on television I think every parent can find a great show that they approve of and that their kids will also in enjoy. With two young kids, deciding on what to watch when it's TV time can be a challenge. Thank goodness for the following new shows that are a treat for the kids and mommy approved:
1) The Bubble Guppies~ I love this show! The cartoon is so colorful and the story lines are fun and educational. The show is filled with catchy tunes and my kids like to get up and dance to the music.
2) The Cat In The Hat Knows A lot About That! ~ Martin Short's the perfect quirky guide in this imaginative children's show. Toe-tapping songs and amazing voice talent bring this cartoon to life. I love the animation and the lessons within each episode for my kids.
3) The Wild Kratts ~ There are a couple of shows geared towards introducing kids to animals, but The Wild Kratts bring fresh energy to the concept. These two brothers are fun and it's obvious they love their work. The animated portion of the show really brings the brothers and the animal of the day they're discussing to life. Both of my kids enjoy this show!
It's nice to know there are shows that hit the entertainment and educational mark perfectly!


Wednesday, March 16

Take Nothing For Granted...

I'm so happy the weather is finally warming up. There's nothing like warmer temps and a little sunshine to brighten one's mood! The beautiful weather here is like a gift, but I can't help but think of the people in Japan battling the aftermath of Mother Nature at her fiercest. My heart and prayers go out to that nation.

It's hard for me to concentrate or be creative when such terrible things happen. I feel guilty for enjoying even the simplest pleasures when so many are barely making it through the day. Writing has always been an escape, a wonderful escape that makes me happy...no fulfills me in ways I never expected. Tragedies like the one unfolding in Japan make me pause even more frequently to appreciate the good things in my life.

My family is whole, safe and happy...nuts some days, but there's a lot of love to get us over the bumps. We are not suffering for the basics: Shelter, water, food, medicine and love. I wish that were true for every single person on this planet.

We all deserve the basics and so much more. More than anything, I'm realizing to take nothing for granted...cherish the people in your life and appreciate even the tiniest conveniences.