Sunday, May 30

Memorial Day

"Greater love hath no man than to give up his life for another..."

Tuesday, May 25

24 Will Be Missed!

I watched the series finale of 24 last night on the edge of my seat until the very last minute. After eight intense years of hijacking, butt-kicking, shoot 'em up, blow 'em up thrills, I'm not sure what Monday night TV will look like. I should be happy for one less distraction from writing, but I'm not. I loved the show. I love Jack Bauer!

Remember Tony and Michelle's romance admist the chaos? And I'll never forget President Palmer or his iconic role as the first black president. Who would have guessed that would actually happen in 2010? There were so many great characters, plot lines, sub-plot lines that I was never bored with the show.

I actually discovered 24 a season late and I'll never forget my husband and I scooping up every available copy of the past season to catch up. We went to two or three different video stores to get them all in order and then had a 24 marathon for the next 2 days, staying up to like 2 a.m. !!

The show will be missed by many and like those fans, I anxiously await 24 on the big screen!


Monday, May 17


I can't change you but I can change me

It's taken me awhile to get that

But now I see...

That no matter what I say

Or what I do

You hear me and still do you

And so we keep spinning 'round and 'round

So dizzy and sick

I can't see the ground

Don't try to get me

It just gets twisted

In fact the point I'm making now-

You've surely missed it

And so we keep spinning 'round and 'round

Can you hear the cracks splintering?

I can't take the sound

And I can't tell if it's me or you

Losing grip as we fall

I'm finally ready to admit

I feel like letting go

It's okay

Don't worry

I don't expect you to change

I just know I can't stay the same

I've finally decided that's it

I'm free

I can't change you but I can change me

By Angela Nichelle Bradley

Friday, May 7

Top Five Superhero Hotties!

I'm going to see Iron Man 2 this weekend and I'm EXCITED!!! I love superhero flicks and I'm looking forward to time away from the kids with my husband!

So, I thought, who would I pick as the number one superhero hottie? It was really hard trying to count down to the hottest one...hmmm, decisions, decisions! lol.

Wolverine took the number one spot but that could change after this weekend! Who is your fave superhero?






Ok, so there are six. But, how could I leave out the one who started my love affair with superheros in the first place?

Christopher Reeves as Superman will always be the end all be all for me when it comes to superhero hotties! I will never forget watching those movies and wishing I was Lois Lane! *g*

Have a great weekend!