Sunday, March 28

Two Terrific Things to Share!

I'm excited to share my first review from Long and Short Reviews. Cupid's Arrow received a 4 book rating! I really had fun writing this paranormal romance and if you haven't read it yet, you should! Romantic suspense with a surprise ending you'll love! You can check out the review here and Cupid's Arrow is available for purchase now with Noble Romance Publishing!
Read an excerpt and see the book trailer on my website: ;)

Don't miss the Long and Short of It Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt starting March 29 until April 3rd. To play all you need to do is find as many colorful eggs (like the one on my blog) on other participating blog sites. Be a part of the fun and you could win goodie bags, ebooks, gift certificates and many more amazing prizes! Find out all the information and who's playing here!

Have a great week!


Wednesday, March 17

One Disney Classic That Always Inspires Me...

Today, I watched Pocahontas for the third time with my kids. Now, they don't like the fight scenes but whenever Pocahontas is on screen, singing and interacting with John Smith they're entranced and so am I.

I love this movie for so many reasons. First, the music is incredible! The songs have heart and soul and I can't hear them without feeling goosebumps. The Color of the Wind's lyrics are so beautiful and poetic I truly think it's one of the best Disney songs ever created.

The imagery of Pocahontas and John Smith running in the forest, jumping into lakes and rolling around in the grass are amazing. This isn't in 3D or
Pixar's new animation but it doesn't matter this film delights the eye.

Pocahontas, for me is the most beautifully drawn Disney character. She's sexy and shy and her eyes . . . my goodness! The looks shared between her and John Smith take my breath away. No words are needed, you feel exactly what the two of them are feeling by their intense gaze. If you've seen the movie, you know what I'm talking about. The first time John catches a glimpse of Pocahontas makes the movie for me.

This is a movie I don't mind watching over and over again. I love the challenges these two lovers face. I love the wonderful depiction of her people and her determination to find her own path despite possibly displeasing her father. Above all this story had magic from beginning to end and it makes me disappointed and sad The Princess and the Frog didn't grab my heart in the same way.


Sunday, March 7

Ahh! Spring is Coming!

This weekend it reached almost 50 degrees in Chicago and after the cold we've had it felt like a summer heat wave! I can't wait for the warmer, longer days coming ahead. The kids are itching to go outside and play and I'm ready to shake off the winter chill too. It seems like someone in my family has been ill since Halloween rolled by. Yep, this was the worst winter as far as colds go in our household and as the snow melts outside, I'm hoping the lingering sniffles around me disappear too.

Spring is one of my favorite seasons because of what it symbolizes...Renewal! Who doesn't need a new beginning in at least one area of their life? I love hearing the twittering birds chirping in the morning, watching the trees bud and the flowers slowly emerge into the warming sunlight. Birds and butterflies begin to take flight and I'm ready to spread my wings with them!


(photo courtesy of Tinneketin)