Sunday, July 17

Summer Fun!

I can't believe how fast this summer is going! Mother Nature has turned up the heat and been a fun challenge trying to think of ways to beat the heat and keep the kiddos outta my hair!

These are my favorite three summertime-get-'em-outta-your-hair projects:

1) Freeze their toys! My kids love it when I take a random small toy and freeze them in some kid friendly container filled with water. We take the frozen toys outside and they have a blast waiting for the favorite toy to thaw from the ice!

2) Fishing for Ice! Take a pitcher and fill it with water. Add a few drops of food coloring. Pour the water into your ice tray and freeze. Take the ice cubes outside and fill up the kids sand pails with water, then toss in  the colored ice cubes. My kids love to fish them out with their hands or you can buy the little fish wands at the pet store!

3) Body paint! Well, not quite. Let me explain. My kids put on their bathing suits and then I let them take Crayola washable markers and draw on their bodies. Once their body art is finished they get to wash it off through the sprinklers! The marker comes up easily and I finish up the job at bath time.

(I only trust Crayola for this, not all washable markers wash off as promised!)

Do any three of these summertime activities with your kids and I guarantee they'll have some fun and stay cool while their doing it!

Happy Summer!


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